Sunday, 16 December 2007

I would rather build Toilet Paper than an Enterprise Tool ;)

Yes and I mean it. The Best experience I had was when working on the content website that Aaron called as Me-Media ;) Yes content of the people,by the people and for the people... did you just call it Democracy? Yeah I would call it Contocracy :D. So back to what I would like to do, today when discussing on the Business Modal for my upcoming venture one of my friend and potential partner said that he would like to work over something that big companies can easily use, I said I would rather like to create Toilet papers than Enterprise softwares that have a vary wague future just becuase every Tom, Dick and Harry are in competition.... Well I really mean that the Tom, Dick and Harry of the internet business aka Google, Microsoft and Zoho are in the race ;)

Back to why I think something like Toilet papers can be the great market is just becuase every single human would like to use it , atleast once a day ;) and upon requirement more than once... though I dont refer to iToliet(Shit on Internet?) as of now, I really mean that coming up with a software that can just be used commonly as much or as much more than a toilet paper ;). Something that a person does everyday and would do everyday that too without fail?

Now let me go back to brains and ask what it is? Would you ind doing the same and share?

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Its Bad but I am gonna fight it... Yes another toxic Leadership!!!

Well My call today to get convinced to stay on what I am doing was not very fruitful. I am pretty upset over a few things told to me and it seems that I really got into the toxic company(partnership) where things were shown in a different way. Anyways though this post and platform is not to discuss on who I am upset about... I would really like to bring a few points about Toxic Leadership that can cause major breakdowns...though I dont think I will be able to put up the tackle techniques.... I would ask/request you to do it here....

1. Trust :- Toxic leadership betrays trusts for self goals. How do you trust leadership?
a. When you know the leadership had been going wrong?
b. When the leadership has betrayed?
c. When Leadership really meant decision making?

Ok.. I am haltin off here and want to take some time to think about a few things and come back with a bang later this week....