Friday, 1 May 2009

Will you Hire me? Today?

I have like 3 hours to spend and for dont know what reason I have mistaken my flight timings and will have to wait... wait till the checkins are allowed, wait till the flight finally takes up, and wait till I am able to buy some choclates for the Team down there... so the first minute of the "wait until you time is up" made me ask one question to myself... and of course all the intelligent Managers out there....

Will you Hire yourself? today?

I am sure not all of us get into this perspective, niether did I , until I met this guy today on the station who said... "I would fire myself today for doing this thing wrong, however I am sure I would hire myself, cause I am the most best fit for this job ;)"

Wow... isnt it amazing? I guess we need to ask this question to ourselves and our Bosses if they would really hire us back if our positions were vacant as on today..

What do you think Boss?