Friday, 24 October 2008

A Vital skill - Negotiations

All night yesterday I watched the first season of Desperate Housewives and all through the series there was one character that was consistently hitting my mind ... "Mr Soliace" husband of the latina and the Mergers and Acquisation expert. While I went through all of this I realised that for your success at any level you need to have the best negotiation skills.

I took this question forward: what does the skill demand?

1. Perception making
2. Strong confidence
3. A vision to failure
4. No knowledge in detail
5. An Eye on phsycology of others
6. A breath on anger and temperament
7. A not so pleasing personality
8. An attitude to care a shit about
9. Knowledge to know how much you can make for yourself if not for others
10. Last but not the least the power to convince GOD

I wish to write more on this after my this weeks experience, negotiation is a hard core skill and I realise I have a bit of it. The remaining half glass is going to be filled sooner or later.