Friday, 28 March 2008

Lost and drowned

I am a bit lost!!! and drowned and low and aggitated and irritated and angry and furious and upset
Now is the time for me to be back on track and remove the blockers that have been causing so much of pain to the projects...

Now if every Manager thinks this way I am sure no project will go over budget, costs , quality and time? Ofcourse this should be done frequently by the Managers and not at the end when you already have put the reputation of your team at stake...

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

How many Projects do you manage?

Reading Johanna's post about How Many projects are you managing? gives a clear touch to what Me and Kari had always been talking about... If you want to complete a project or to that matter anything that you want to do in life thing with quality and standards you should keep focus on it. the moment you manage more than one thing you tend to pull down both... No wonder we have a whole bunch of Managers who think that doing multiple things will save them or keep them in the highest positions where we feel that doing multiple things will probably not let you focus on any one thing...

How vulnerable it is to say that "This thing Project is not a Quality becuase I was managing another Project?" Sometimes I dont wonder why multi tasking OS ($Soft at least) tends to crash more times than anyother OS. I believe when you manage more than one project or thing you just manage them... you dont lead them. And as Johanna said in her post :
1. You are not checking what it means when it is said done.
2. You are not there for the Team when they need you.
3. You are not with the Team to help them manage it well.

Gosh!!!!! God change these managers from being Damagers of the Industry

Monday, 24 March 2008

Thursday, 20 March 2008

[Humour] Performance Appraisal and the real meanings

This is really funny and ingenious idea (Not mine though)

Outgoing personality-Always going out
Great presentation skills-Able to bull shit
Good Communication skills-Always on the phone
Work is first priority-Too ugly to get a date
Active socially-Drinks a lot
Independent worker-Nobody knows what he does
Quick thinking-Offers plausible excuses
Careful thinker-won't make decisions
Use logic on difficult jobs-Use someone else to do it
Has Leader ship qualities-Tall or Loud voice
Exceptionally good judgment-Really Lucky
keen sense of humor-Knows lot of dirty jokes
Career minded-Back stabber
Loyal-Can't get a job anywhere else
Relaxed attitude-Sleeps at work

Now apply this to you colleagues.......

Monday, 10 March 2008

A blog post a day keeps the visitors Awake!!!

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!!! that is what is said when you want to stay fit n fine. To keep me fit n fine these days I am on different diets and medicines ;)
Yeah. I am very fond of medicines these days. I am having medicines of:

1. Empowered Speeches - To empower and regain my lost passion
2. Fiction - To get back my lost creativity
3. Soar calmness - To control my anger
4. Passionate Love - To be lovely and lively

And because I am so fond of medicines I have decided to medicate my blog too thinking that "A Post a day would keep my Blog alive and Visitors Awake!!!"

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Startups and hardwork

While lots been talked about How to save money at startups a few points that trigger me and what I second also are :

Fire people who
are not workaholics
. don’t love their work… come on folks, this is startup life,
it’s not a game
. don’t work at a startup if you’re not into it–go work at the post office or starbucks if you’re not into it
you want balance in your life. For realz

Yes. You need hardworking members if you want to succeed as a startup. There is no scope for people who do 9-5 tasks here or depend on others to finish there tasks. As a startup or to the matter any Team that wants to reach the Google Miles should have a culture where Everyone is privileged to do everything in the Team at the same time everyone in the Team should be ready to run the extra mile.. The hard fighter group of hard workers are the most precious weapon in the jungle war of internet and why not!!! a few months ago I got an Idea of having a jarhead to bump all my social networking data to my desktop and people already have the Open Social Media live into action.

Startups need hardwork to survive first and grow later and if you depend on bench warmers who believe in delegation and "Its Not my Job" then you are going to suck it up badly... Startups need hard people to bring the product to the market in the right time. So when I told Kari that I dont want to get into become a consulting partner for a startup I really mean that the expectations are different ... for startups you need hard working people who sit and slog with you ... The Outsourcing Model Sucks here for various reasons...

Saturday, 8 March 2008

I resign officially

Just waiting for valleys to dry up so that I can smoothly flow out of this... I resign officially out of the scores of my Myspace account now.. here are the reasons:

1. I dont check it too often
2. There is nothing new now since the CEO last announced.
3. Too many ads that get blocked in my home and Vista firewall
4. Too much of unrequired friend invites
5. Every Single invite I get thinks that I am a desperate Dog to watch the girls on their private cams.. Holy Shit!!!!
6. I better like visting a PORN site then myspace.. now
7. I have no friends left on myspace.. they have either moved to Facebook or I catch them up on twitter

So while I suck it up with Myspace.... I would still take some time till I get active on FaceBook

Friday, 7 March 2008

Pissing Off on Opportunities

So when I posted my last post on I AM SICK I got help from several people and before I could actually utilise the help I realised that I have learnt to Piss off on Opportunities badly.... here is what I have done:

1. Missed to follow up with a critical prospect over the next meeting on getting the business move -- I Pee!!!

2. Missed to change the pre-sales presentation to give a glimpse of Behavirioul expertise.

3. Missed to timeline the web site launch

4. Could not finalise on the Name of the organisation while I am already running 2 months due

5. Dismissed 2 offers for an unknown reason

6. Could not get Rohit backed up on Sales Model...

Now while I was doing and missing all of this, I have decided to spray my time on something more important so I achieve one of the stabilities mentioned in my earlier posts...

Dealing with difficult people II -- The How to

So I could finally save some time today and try to write up what I started a few days back... Dealing with Difficult People - I So when you are dealing with Difficult people who come as Hostile Barbarians there are a few things that need to be taken care unless you really want to ruin the democracy in the Team.... The Hostile Barbarians as said are the species who want to run their own things no matter what it takes and what anyone has to bear....Usually I practice to bring the lava down by using sweet but straight and polite questions instead of directions...There are different ways in dealing with such people a few of them are here:

Usually the hostile barbarians try to pull the trigger in the meetings when the entire Team or people are around...such points it is important you stand up to them... simple way is:

1. Boss I Disagree!!! IMO this is how....
2. XXX think you really know about this, but why dont you tell us more so we understand what we are planning to achieve and what you want to implement is in same lines?

At times it is better to name and give a soft cover to handling the barbaric situation.... somewhat like "Sameer! I Know where you come from, But I think if we take this direction it may help both of us..."

This also comes to a fact that dejecting or rejecting Ideas, suggestions from such people can create more hostility so the best way to deal is to let them say without them interupting the flow. The barbarians that love sarcasm or taunts and this needs to be handled behind closed doors. I prefer the sarcasm side of the barbarians to be taken to a closed door where you can be direct and make clear that such things do NO GOOD. It is obvious that the damage is already done when they pass on sarcastic comments but closed door direct talk can help avoid further situations....

The other side of the barbarians is that they explode... as a Manager you may have to investigate the past and do one on ones to explain the importance of not getting into emotional cyclones... The other way round is to get some serious help for such people... The only way I try to handle this situation and it works is Just look in the eyes and say nothing.. I am sure it gives the message "Do you realise that you just created a tantrum?"

The hostile barbarians prevent getting on the solution side of the problem... the realistic approach would be to try and get them on the other side without letting them create the unrequired CHAOS...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Dealing with difficult people - I

I wanted to write about this on the day I decided to move on the the next chapter of my Book Work Better than Sex, however thought I would still study more and add to the species so that you know more about the difficult people you have to deal with all your Manager career....

All through our work life we are bothered, harassed and humiliated by some people we purely name them "DIFFICULT" in one form or the other... the best thing of having to face or deal with a difficult person is that they add a lot of value to our careers... Believe me it taste's bitter but results in Sweet... it is that sour grape that you dont like raw however in its liquid form turns to be a exotic wine.... I decided to get on these difficult people in our lives by categorizing them in its best and putting down how to deal with such... in my earlier attempt to write about the YIKIT's I identified these other species....

Based on the findings I would like to introduce you to these difficult people one by one....Lets talk about the Saddam's and Hitlers...who also are the hostile barbarics... these are those type of people you deal in your team who always want to push there own agenda or views, no matter whether they stand for good or not. These barbarians are also very hostile and at times you find them quite the next moment ready to blast like a nuclear bomb... They go to any and every extent to put forth what they want and are really a trouble as far as the Team is concerned... A few characteristics of these aggressive species are:

1. They critise just for the sake of it.
2. They are sarcastic when not required and arrogant always
3. They love playing cats and dogs
4. They like to get people down
5. They see themselves as smarter than anyone else..and deprieve the best talent under vein.

A lot of times the barbarians corrupt the teams and morales and cause tremendous amount of unrequired pressures. Now this species of the difficult people is not really very difficult to handle... Just the right things need to be put in the right places to ensure this works well.... Keep following to know the How To ;)