Monday, 15 January 2007

Guru - The Leader's runway

Recently I watched one of the bollywood blockbusters “Guru” Yes the same Aish-Jr. B starrer… though not many movies these days give out a message as strong as to affect people this one surely does… It gives a message to those hard working smart people out there and invites them to set new trends….

While I see Guru to be the best form of Leadership book which contains the appendix of Management hugely to impress me…I also derive a few of lessons that could be of potential help for the next set of leaders and managers coming this way…. To be successful you don’t need to just lead, you will need to go beyond that and Yes that is what I can derive from the whole movie…

One of the few reasons I quite liked the movie is the way leadership is mentored across the movie…the tailorment of the attitude that says leadership in the way it is supposed to be all I can derive from the movie is:

1. “Learning from mistakes is experience, but Mistaking while learning from Mistakes is a Sin If you have to be a great leader you need to understand learning from the mistakes, this doesn’t mean that mistakes should be a part of your nature. It is also at most important that you learn the right thing from your mistakes…
Recently I heard a friend of mine talking about lack of communication resulting in failure of the project and the next project failing because communication was considered to be the only vital element of the project.

2.“2 things in life can never be explored Women’s heart and enemy’s soul, rest are just viewable in the browser
Success is a vital element in the leader’s life which needs the leader to search and explore for things… If you found a key to a lock which you don’t know the perfect leader will for sure go for a hunt for the lock. Similarly it is very important that you explore of the possibilities before you start any assignments.
Last week in Bigg Boss (The Indian version of Big Brother)… before the nomination for the eviction process Rakhi Sawant was found calculating all the possible people who could nominate her and what 2 votes from her can affect whom.

3. “Out of need springs Desire and out of Desire springs the energy and the will to win”
If you don’t have energy to do it, don’t talk about it. You need the energy of a 1yr old child to achieve the goals of the 50yr old Man. Don’t understand why? You are invited to spend a day with my 3 yr old son to understand this part of the story. Your energetic behavior provokes others to achieve there goals …. And after all it’s a Team effort isn’t it?

4. “Courage is not just about saying NO and accepting mistakes; it’s about doing the same work with no mistakes”
It’s not so very courageous to admit the mistake the real guts are when you do the same work under pressure and do it right this time. It’s about giving a damn to the obstacles instead of cribbing about them. It’s about showing the back to the problems.. not because you ran away from them but you overtook them and they are waiting behind to attack you again. This quality in a leader makes him fearless, and you gotta be fearless if you have to reach the top.

5. “Pleasure is when you take it to the end”
The real pleasure of orgasms can be felt only when you last till then. In my whole career I have seen people kicking off things with all possible enthusiasm and energy and loosing it soon before really taking it to the end. The fun is taking the task to an end. The great leader shows that he is not the one to start it right but surely one to end it perfect.

6. “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love”
Years of me being in this industry have seen that failed projects usually have no owners, if it’s a successful one the credit list is never ending. The best expected quality of the leader will be to own it no matter where it goes. Usually it is found that failures are discussed more than success, the only reason being everyone tries to find someone not himself to be blamed… A leader is the one who has to make sure that it’s him not others. I read a phrase a while ago in the daily planner “I Praise loudly, I blame softly”, I guess that’s the nicest way to do it.

While I see Guru sending louder and clear message about effective leadership I see that leadership is much beyond that… So before you guys really jump into one of the thousands of available resources on leadership…. I suggest you to go watch the movie.

Sameer Shaikh