Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Things that I learnt in 2008

I thought I would mention a few of the most important things that I learnt. I learnt from work , life , people, Team , Organisations and of course from Internet:

1. Perception doesnt stay long

2. Unrealistic promises hurts lives of everyone

3. Spend only when it is necessary

4. If you dont care about communication, no one cares about you

5. De-personalize the problems

6. Credibility comes with trust and trust comes with time

7. Commitment is the first step in building success

8. Success and Failures area result of Team work

9. Plans are necessary but they need commitment, support and passion to make it success

10. Dont make your Team burn oil when not needed

11. Your words act as the face of your Team, be careful with the impressions

Wait for other items to come in....