Thursday, 16 July 2009

Time to Set Expectations

Its time to set expectations.. This is the time when you need to set the expectations... this is time which is going to mark the beginning of the time. Yes the time that is just going to set the momentum before it actually begins. What is important is to set the Moral right during this time so that the coming challenges can not only be faced but also be driven away successfully...

With this time that is going to approach we want to :

1. Clearly Set expectations of what it is going to be for the future.
2. Set goals for each and every member on what is expected of them and how to achieve it
3. Drill the desire deep so that the challenges float and evaporate.
4. Define Success
5. Set the path and show the hindrances that needs to be covered...
6. Last but not the least.... ROLL the MAGIC

I am all set to take this force become a wave, I am all set to drive this with several other drivers, I am all set to Success, I am all set to party with this fun... Come join the force!!!!!