Monday, 8 February 2010

What should I do?

Seth Godin's post on "Tell me what to do" is a nice fit to what we face in our day to day life as Project Managers...

"I committed to do this, but now I cant do it.. tell me what to do!!!"

I tried hard for last 1 hr , tell me what to do

Not only that souls want to push the responsibility, but "Tell me what to do" is also an excuse many of them find to get away from a task... as in I asked you what to do.. and I was waiting.. Based on tell me what to do.. I categorize these souls into 3 sections...

1. Bow Enthusiasts - They wait for you to tell them what to do always, Ask what to do always.. They are like the bow... everything should be done by the arrow, and be told by the archer
2. Show Enthusiasts - They show that they can do everything.. true or not is a different question and Do or not is another. This type exists in very small amount in smaller teams and Big amount in bigger teams.
3. Do Enthusiasts - They just do it... They are the YN's and YT's of the Team (The two members who need no instructions...)

The only reason I put them as Enthusiasts.. is at work every one is enthusiastic though some for "work" and some for "NO work", some for passion , some for pride, some for goals and some for Holes...