Monday, 31 May 2010

What keeps me motivated?

The days are always tiring, always abusive, there is always a customer shouting on your phone, there is always a issue that is waiting for you to take care of it. All of this is not just my part of routines.. I am sure for everyone who is one way or the other linked to MONEY. No one has peace, everyone has to struggle hard... so in all these times what keeps you motivated? I was asked this question by an ex-colleague... he had seen me working for first 4 yrs of my career and all through he had been consistently seeing me pass the years on.. his question was... I need my break every few months, I need a fresh start every few years... what is it that keeps you active and motivated to keep others going at the same pace as you are?

I push answer to those questions as this post....

1. Inspiration :

One of the reasons why our motivations get screwed up, is lack of inspiration. We dont see enough people around who can inspire us to do things and then we turn into pothole, just laying around the roadside and been nothing but a waste. When I count back my career, I realise the times when I have done worst is when I had no inspirational pictures around...Today what keeps me going is the art of drawing inspiration from everyone and everything...

1. Puneet inspires me when he talks about setting up iPhone development..inspires me to do some cool looking game app that can get 1 million downloads in a day ;)
2. The security guard that sits out of office inspires me when he works all day along to study his graduation and comes out with flying colors.
3. I get inspired when Nikhita says that "Keep a big joint family Happy, is not a very difficult task, not easy though"
4. I get inspired when an I read about an undergrad who builds a 1M Unique user app.

After all inspiration is the key.. if you stop seeing inspiration around you are dead.... Everyone around me inspire me... keeps me to look forward for a greater future ahead too...

2. Commitment :

No one in this world is less committed. Everyone is committed to what they do... the size of the commitment is more or less and depends on people's passion...I have realise that commitment is what lets you flow. Lack of commitment drives anyone to a rock state, what life would be if you are not committed to the product you work on? to the job you do? to your Team? To your team that works hard for you? Its the commitment that adds up the spice to the betterment of motivation...

A soul committed can see future in a better way.

3. Love :
The love and affection of Teams, Management and customers can change your level of confidence... Call me lucky but if you are loved by your Team, Management and colleagues you surely are going to succeed.. Love and trust is important and if you can get that.. you are cruising..This love keeps me going.

4. Criticism :

I have learnt a few things very hard way. I made mistakes and I turned those mistakes to blunders.. only reason was I never had someone who would stand by and tell me "How wrong I am". I found a critic in my own. I took my habit of blogging and criticizing my own decisions and behaviours over my private blog. I write what I do wrong, what I do worst.. then I read it after a few days to understand what I did wrong...

But that is never enough.. after all I am always soft on myself... So I find a few absurd rivals from my past and I tell them what I am doing and how.. my rivals have over the years turned into my friends... and they openly blame, criticize and puke thoughts on how I did something wrong. I have learnt that if you are not been criticized, you are going terribly wrong.

6. Hatred :

People who always hated me, motivated me. More the hatred , More the motivation. After all from "Guru" the movie I learnt that when people start hating you or talking against you, it means that you are growing....

7. Team :
Well one lucky thing around me is the the Team. They are appreciative, inspirational in different ways, funny, thoughtful, engaging, supportive, critic an at the same time warriors. The teams I worked with motivated me always, they stood by , guided me, helped me and loved me. Now if one person or thought can change someones life... imagine what a full team can do... I love to be a part of this Team and to be a part of the Team I have to work hard, keep myself updated... aren't they the thoughts that already motivate you?

I want to write more, more and more... but you may have realized that I am off beat. I am fixing things that went wrong... and I needed the much awaited motivation.... your love... Yes you readers motivate me when you read one single line of this....

Keep reading... and Keep me motivated :)