Monday, 12 July 2010

My Love for IE6 - The reverse Truth

Oh well... we crib and shit on IE6 so often. We blame and blame IE6 so often.. the issues we face as web developers working with IE6 are sometimes nasty... We change for 6 and then it fails for IEY and for Chrome and for FireFox A.. woof... so much of pressure in these browser wars.. so while our friends at Chrome and FireFox and Opera are making our experience better.. we still have IE6's to add to our sufferings... But how can I forget the good old days IE6 gave us... A small poem that demonstrates my Love towards IE6... In a Benjamin Button way ;)

Oh! Dear IE , When will you die?
Everyday I see u, I feel to cry!

Oh! Dear IE, When will you Go?
See the thought within, makes my face Glow

Oh Dear IE, its just about time.
We wasted our efforts and paid every dime

Oh Dear IE, I love you anymore
My upgrades are freeze and apps are sore

Oh Dear IE, don't feel bad
I know once upon a time, you made all other browsers look sad

Oh Dear IE, you were once a hero
You had your days, when in hearts you were Zorro

Oh Dear IE, you made web look so cool
And all the happy developers life was easy when they just got out of the school.

Oh Dear IE, I know you will be the best
You have just came alive and in coffins are the rest

Oh Dear IE, I envision you rule the world,
You will fly very high and be a free bird

Oh Dear IE, the world is waiting for you,
When will web be fast, they got no clue

Oh Dear IE, the maturity of browsers sucks
I hope you get Ideated and let us make some bucks...

Now that I wait for you again.. I hope they listen(I wait for IE10)
Instead of sending another a bullet version, they make you a piston.

Wow... Life and love with IE... I hope it gets better