Thursday, 30 December 2010

Agile Myths?? No Agile excuses

My last post for the year. While I will retrospect this year on the Objectives page.. I want to mention that this year has been one hell of a year. One of the farce thing that came and strike me every time this year was the myths that surround Agile...

I drafted a few of the Agile myths or maybe we can say excuses used under the name of Agile... lets see what Agile is not..

1. A requirement document is not Agile, Agile is a discussion you have to build a feature with its flow and pro's and con's over a white board, which you then slice to develop items.

2. Agile is not a requirement that is changing every now and then. It is a requirement that is built with a smaller set of features and then evolved in later releases.

3. A working code is not a complete feature, a part of the demo-able piece that can be improvised.

4. Bad programming to meet deliverables is not agile. Agile instead is a program that can be improved and improvised. And of course same steps / mistakes dont occur again.

5. Agile is about improvising.. not making mistakes as habits.

6. Agile is not just a concept... its a mind set.

7. Agile is not testing what is written, It is testing what is not written.

8. Agile is not just about 2 weeks iterations, kick off's , plans and releases. Agile is about collaboration every day, white boards every week, demo's every few days, feed backs every now and then.

9. Agile is not CHANGE. Agile is improvement, tweaks, functional improvisation.

10. Agile is not FREEZE. Agile is define a Minimum Viable Feature and achieve it in phases.

11. Agile is not INDECISIVENESS. Agile is starting with a shorter sight to build a grand vision.

If Agile is just a process for you, You should be dead by now.. if you ain't you will surely die. Agile is a life style.