Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Art of un-informing

Yesterday my day started on a bad note, heard news of passing off of my father's aunt (grand mother) and had several production issues that were waiting for me. During the funeral I realised that I had missed to inform at work, and by the time I did it was probably too late. Bunch of calls and last minute meeting cancellations. I can imagine the frustration it caused others.

I couldn't stop thinking of it and hence about writing on it as I know it hurts not just you but everyone else. Over the last few years of my managerial experience I have learnt people fall into 3 broad categories :
1. Who intend to not inform
2. Who misinform
3. Who inform.

You would always love the 3rd type, You worry about the second and you hate the first. Today I write what hurts us Managers the most...The first lotte

"I couldn't come to work yesterday, Were trying for a baby and the doc said yesterday was the best chance."

Well I am sure this doesn't sound that unfamiliar? You may have not heard something like this but the types that intend to not inform are the types that make such excuses. The "I don't want to inform" types intentionally leave the information out for various reasons as follows:

1. Fear : Fear of leave getting rejected. Someone who makes an excuse is still better in this regards as he/she doesn't leave you in jeopardy. Fear of facing a rejection of request, makes such people do this. Some times it is also the fear of what the Boss would say (About lot of leave, Performance etc).

2. Ignorance : Sometimes this is just done out of ignorance. I remembered a friend of mine who worked on a collection counter for a government office collecting last minute penalties on property taxes, never realised that people have to face a extra buck if she is not on her seat.

3. Get Away attitude : A lot of them think that if no one remembers they can easily get away. This is the most hurtful of it.

The big issue with this type of people is that it brings you into a big crisis at times, and they never realise the importance of informing because they get away one way or the other out of the crisis issue. How do we fix them?

Well honestly there are several ways... lets put this in a funnier way

1. Make them feel what they just lost: I remember once I had a team mate who was really fond of some specific type of food. After noticing that he deliberately not informs the team about his absence we a couple of times had indoor lunch / dinner on the day he would go missing.

2. Add the surprise : Once a friend of mine who is a manager bought printed old passes of the person who would go uninformed with passes to a rock concert followed by an invitation for dinner with the popstar. Of course it was a fake one, but it kept the person pinching for his life time.

3. On a serious note : First time itself it should be informed. If they get away once they would make it a habit.

4. Punish sweetly : A little embarrassment can do.

I am sure you might have faced this and handled it.. what are your ways? Do share....