Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Things I miss.....

Things I miss....

1. A display of committed vs achieved.
2. A view to what is blocking.
3. An integration that happens on every logical point as opposed to complete story point.
4. An ambiguous requirement that you encountered mid way.
5. A design that evolves with audit.
6. A user story that is sliced enough to know what is achievable and when.
7. A glimpse to non-availability that is blocking.
8. A list of leftovers every 2 weeks
9. A list of leftover gulped every 2 weeks.
10. An impediment found early
11. A build that says all is right and ready to go.
12. Board that truly reveals the work in progress.
13. A retrospective that truly reveals the good, the bad and the ugly
14. A loud shout of "Yes I have done it"
15. A call to review small things that build up large blocks
16. A scrum where huddling is allowed
17. A demonstration that comes with high value feedback
18. A contribution of how best it can be done.
19. A list we call "Technical Debt"
20. A process that is looked to be improved and evolved.
21. An estimate that cuddles the requirement
22. A practice that cares for User experience more than technology
23. An attitude that says "Customers are not Gods"
24. A High Five
25. A WOW
26. A Great Idea
27. A "That's Kewl"
28. A "Why not?"
29. Clarity of what is to be achieved and why
30. A Goal, that's just not completing a story point
31. A pat for an orthodox approach
32. A non traditional success pattern

I miss "Agile...." I really do.....

From the old books... Curated a list of things that a agile developer would always miss. My part is here.. what is yours?