Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What is non-negotiable?

This performs a bit slow, I left it there.
I think we can address it for future.
Well it has been like this forever, I know its trivial work, but I dont know if I should touch it.
I had found the issue, but thought it was too trivial to stop the release.
It was going to be too much work, so I did it this way.

When you start hearing this, and many such things; You have to be warned that you are on the wrong side of the road. And if you dont realize it, this one should be a NON-NEGOTIABLE one as well. Quality is important, and most time overlooked. Walter Isaacson in his book "Steve Jobs" mentioned each time Jobs did not like something or found something was not up to the mark he called it "SHIT"

There are several things in a project / development lifecycle, that purely needs to be seen as NON-NEGOTIABLE, yet we choose others over them.

Time over Quality
Scope over completeness
Technology over Usability
A brainstorming session over documented specification
A hurriedly completed feature over a value emitting function

and each time we make this negotiation, we create a great deal of debt, Technical Debt that is hard to manage. A project team needs to decide what is negotiable and what is not. In a lifecycle we have and would always come across things that would need to be ignored, at times prioritized low, or be compromised. But these are situations that put your basic attitude towards development to test. The day you start negotiating quality, is the day you lose focus to success. Rest can still be achieved, still be raced to, still managed. Quality cannot be.

A typo on your login can be more embarrassing than having missed a button to cancel a process. Quality needs to be seen as oxygen to your product. When you start juggling the oxygen, you are prone to faint, if not seize to breathe.

Think over, next time you are in a compromising state, you negotiate and what?