Thursday, 5 April 2007

Enthusiasm at Work?

I was reading through a document that we use as a Template to set the KRA's for every member of the Team... one of the points this template carries is "Entusiasm at Work" unfortunately after so many reviews and revivals there is still lot of confusion in minds... I thought I would really define what it means when you say "Enthusiasm"

For me Enthusiasm at Work means:

1. Finishing the work in given time rather than being on time at work..
2. Calling in to say that "I want to come to work today because I like to work here" and not calling in to say "I will be late since I am not well but I will be in office today" ;)
3. Enjoying what you do and letting others enjoy what you do.. not letting others do things just to enjoy it.
4. Creating Humour rather than cracking jokes
5. Listening others rather than doing all the talks
6. Lifting the SHIT than distributing Sweets.. (Martin that's for you ;))
7. Sometimes sitting idle and quite and watch others... than quitely watching others sit idle
8. Sharing the experience for others to learn than letting others share their experiences only
9. Running around the office just to breathe the fun than going around to keep an eye on others.
10. walking to the desks than sending emails or chat msgs.

All but a few can be put up here.... since I am blogging right in the heart of peek work hours...

Keep bruising....