Saturday, 9 June 2007

Goals and Objectives of the Blog

Objectives of the blog

When I started the blog, It was meant for sharing the day to day activities that affect right the professional part of me. I was never too organized to have a separate blog for person things and a separate one for activities that I like about and are work related. The core objective of this blog is to share with you the experience I earn every day, Share with you what I have learnt so far.. and share views.

Another reason to keep this blog alive with little or more phases of Coma is, that I dont want to disappoint my former boss Kari who also inspired me to get into the headache of managing this blog ;) Boss I am joking.

Over the years I have revised my blog to keep it separated from what I do on personal levels.. but if you find my family photos here, dont mind... I am applying managing tricks at home :P

A few Goals for me for Year 2009

  • 100 Quality posts

  • 10 Guest Posts

  • 1 comment / post

  • 10$ from Adsense

  • 5 Blogs on Roll

  • Get listed on 5 Rolls

  • Categorize posts

  • Review every Month

  • Write About Management and Styles