Friday, 6 July 2007

Serial Entrepreneurs?

Meeting with Mark Organ a few weeks ago in Pune was a kickoff to think the Serial way.. which honestly provoked me to think about the Buzz Kings and the internet Millionaires... So what is the reason I am writing this post here?

Well Project Management or to that matter any sort of Management is all about making things better than SEX, and Yes Making Money definately is better than SEX.. Hope yall agree..

When Mark termed the word Serial entrepreneur it honestly reminded me of Aaron Cohen and going a bit more insight I really see the way the serial entrepreneurs have bought a revolution in the internet and Media markets...

Heading backwards and coming the way forward we see
Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis ahh you dont know them? Well heard about Kazaa? or to that matter Skype? well the revolution is right here then.

Or you see Mark Fletcher whose ONEList and then later Bloglines IS a big success..

Seeing all this it really triggers that be Sabeer Bhatia (You should see the NanoCity Project that is his new Goal after Hotmail?) Or a YouTube you can be as successful as the internet millionaires if you have a sweet short vision of making a revolution. It doesnt take a long time to reprimind me that "TechShepherds" should not die that easy.... Should I get on the same path with a different vision and destination soon?

Damm some VC's required... anybody out there?