Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Have's and Want's

I was been asked by a friend to update my Have's and Wants on my Ryze Page Before I could really do it I realised its important to know about it before I update it. One of the Question or Theroam that hit me always was that people dont know what they want or rather dont know what they have.

Last I asked someone on why he wants to do strategic business development the answer I got was "Its more Money" geeez... what do you think of the answer? Then I decided to go on a rampage to ask guys on not what they want but what they have... and here is the list of answers I got:

1. I Have passion to do Project management.
2. I have urge to learn blah blha technology...
3. I have to ... oops I want to do this in my life
4. I have all the skills required to be a better Manager/Leader.
5. I have money and power
6. I have knowledge in this field
7. I have everything that I wanted :d

Eeeeeezy guys... its not the end, While for most of the answers I got it makes me feeel that we really dont know what we have.. and when we dont know what we have how we can judge what we want....

1. No wonder we have thousands of IT Aspirants everyday standing on the security check of your company with their resumes in hand..

2. No wonder we have every single engineer wanting to be an architect / manager before his 5th year of career.

3. No wonder we have people for whom success means praises and money

4. No wonder "Team" as a word is just been understood to be used as a ladder to growth not success

Anyways... success is not in listing what we dont have.... Lets blog on what you think you Have.. help me in knowing you... lets see what it comes out to be....