Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Magic Pill

Tom Fosters post about the Magic Pill really impressed me the idea of 40 hrs a week on force really can make a Manager's life more easy and productive... But while I feel that the Magic Pill comes as a sorcerer's stone the diamond stone of work is always been more preffered... the stone that can kill you only when you try to swallow it...

40 hrs a week is the ideal thing to do (not anymore when the Rupee value is getting the benefit and while the outsourcing to India is no more a cheaper commodity) it is seen that not only the Managers but also the developers prefer to spend more time in office at work than anyone else... Last when I tried to swap off the office within the 8 hrs of work I felt that the passion towards work in me started dying. The easiest way to gauge the death of the passion towards work is when been on the desk and in meetings you are still drawing circles and stars on your meeting notepad.

The one of the few ways to make the Magic Pill work is:

1. Delegate responsibilities in the right hands (shere delegation doesnt work, work has to go in right hands)

2. Follow up should be like a regular visit to the doctor.

3. Work needs to be on the sticky notes

4. The Last thing to do is end of time even if its not finished... work is like a appendix the more you try to cut it the more it grows.

So what other ways you know of making the Magic Pill work?