Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Am I Happy?

Somebody asked me today "Why do you whistle at work?" and I really had to question myself on why.... gathering the answers I realised that its the Happiness that makes me
1. Whistle around
2. Roam around the office
3. Kick ass myself to do more or less work
4. Worry only when required
5. Keep Smiling

Yes the answer is Happiness ... the same thing that we derive from each atom or molecule we use or utilise at work. Going back to my work on Work is better than sex and the subsequent extracts that I wrote in their adds to my happiness..

a. The place we spend maximum of our time is not home and if you are not happy at the place where you are for the maximum time means that you are not happy at all

b. Enjoying work at work is as easy as working for what you ahve been always working for and trying to work it out in the best possible way

c. A notrious kid is the happiest person in the classroom...and if the classroom is full of notorious students its fun to be there.... how can you be enjoying sitting with 50 heads of which 49 look at you only when they have to abuse you or in better words how can you enjoy food in a restaurant when you see everyone except you making a puke face at the plates.

Coming back to the point the workplace appears better no matter what is going on only if you enjoy doing what you are doing though it is something that you do not want to do... learning to control on how not be sad and if you are too optimistic like anyone I admire.... learning to be Happy.

So let me leave you thinking on
1. Do you really enjoy what you do?
2. Do you appreciate your own work?
3. Do you think you are working with happiest people?
4. Do you think you enjoy STress busting even if its not of your interest?
5. Do you think you add value to what you do?
6. Do you think you can go beyond what you do?
7. Do you think aspirations are meant to be dreamt, reality is to face what you are doing?

Well try answering this and you come to know if you are Happy or not.... And do remember dont be Toxic or put your fuzzy logic in here.... cause if you are not happy you are NOT Happy the fact that you are not happy can add to make you happy about been unhappy.