Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Thanks to ALL My Teachers

For Teaching me how to be:
Honest, Loyal, Hardworking, Effective, Effecient and above all How to be a Good Human.

Thanks to Shahnaz Miss - Jr and Sr. Kintergarden and 2nd Grade Teacher
Thanks to Aruna Miss my 3rd grade Teacher who taught me that fight is not the solution to problems.
Thanks to Nafisa Miss my 4th grade teacher who taught me not to be arrogant.
Thanks to Ajitha Miss my 5th grade teacher who taught me that Patience can lead me to success
Thanks to Bhaskaran Miss my 6th grade teacher who taught me to be awake when listening to something important.
Thanks to Shamshad Miss 7th for teaching me aggression
Thanks to Naidu Miss 8th grade for teaching me that the first priority should always be your responsibilities
Thanks to Ghatge Sir 9th and 10th grade teacher to make me realise the importance of money
Thanks to Gaikwad Madam my Jr. College accounts teacher who taught me the importance of been true.
Thanks to Ravinder Madam my Computer trainer who taught me how not to judge someone by what someone does.
Thanks to Abida my wife to teach me that loyalty and trust keep the bonds stronger.
Thanks to Mark to teach me what Management means.
Thanks to Every Single Teacher I have dealt with to teach me to what I am today....

A very Happy Teachers Day to everyone...