Tuesday, 30 October 2007

You will not be sacked ... But I dont know what we will do to you

So just a few days after I wrote the blog on the attitude a man usually carries when he is employeed and not having much tasks I actually got to experience the answer that came from a higher authority.... I am not so much convinced with the answer and I would like to say that No wonder people feel its time to get out ...

Here are a few answers I have and I would answer if I am been asked the same question by anyone who is employed with me or work with me:

1. Who Said you dont have tasks? Can you build a tumblr like product for me in the time you are free?

2. Oh Really? Let me fire you then.... I will fire you with the same passion I am running the company with, I will fire you with same zeal that I work with, I will fire you with the same affection I have with you and you have with your work.... Now if you dont have tasks can you replace fire with Ignite please?

3. Honestly I dont have something concrete for you now, we will wait for next few days which will give me time to find something reasonable for you... till then why dont you use this time to mentor the others who are in the same situation?

4. Would you mind sharing a few of my responsibilities? See I am loaded with Seine, Yukon, Patches, Meetings, Business, Blogs , Forums and Appraisals... take over a few from me and that should work for you great...

Now do you want a few more answers? Does that give you enough comfort to keep your mouth shut for a while? .... Well If I was you I would have said NO because the bigger point is missing here....


I would have told you why you dont have tasks today and .........

1. Why we dont have tasks today?
2. Why we can do something else to cover time?
3. Why there are delays?
4. Why I cant tell you what is going on the business front?
5. What is going on to make sure that you have work?
6. What will I do if I cannot get tasks for you?
7. What will you have to do to make sure that you have tasks?
8. Why I dont want you to think likethis?
9. Why you are important to me....

Do you want to know more?