Thursday, 22 November 2007

Reactions - A Bitter truth

Off lately when I was been told that someone thinks that my capabilities in certain areas are not optimal and thus I cannot play a given role... there was a reaction bubble waiting in within there wanting to come out.... however I knew where the opinion emerged from and why it came in.... however there was no way to keep the reaction bubble within and I just had to get it out... what best source than the blog can it be....

Reactions most of the times are instant.... meaning if someone talks bullshit about you, you either react positive or negative, For example Yesterday when I went to Rhushi and said if you dont fix this in next 20 mins you have to work over the weekend and finish it... the reaction was obvious... "What Shit are you talking about?" (Well this is what his face said) but the reaction came in... another example when someone asked me for a additional leave upon aggreement I saw a very smiling face.... All are nothing but reactions...

I have been learning to avoid reactions.... one thing I am successfully able to do for the past few days is hold on the breath when the shit is thrown.... meaning avoiding instant reactions... when I discussed this with some people they say that it loads up your mind and heart and troubles you, however I feel that it really doesnt if it is done in the right way..... here are the few steps I discovered for myself to avoid reactions....

1. Keep smiling... when a shit is thrown at you.
Many times I have seen people reacting same moment, next hour, next day or after a long... well its not about reaction.. its about how the reaction goes. lately when Manmohan Singh was told that he is a puppet Prime Minister he reacted... putting his resignation offer or defending the government... Well I feel the moment this goes it gives a wrong message. The calm look and feel troubles the people who really throw shit at you.

2. Did I gauge if it was shit or crticis?
Many of us dont understand when shit is thrown and when critic is done... A critic comment is a signal that you have to improve somewhere... while a shit is a blame targetting for no improvement but just liability... before reacting You need to understand that whatever is thrown at you is been understood in the same way by both thrower and receiver...This gives you enough time to go back and get calm ;)

3. Have you seen a white crow?
I always understood that when people throw shit at you:

a. You are making considerable progress... and jealousy is wanting to hit you..
b. They dont want to part with you, since they feel that the shit can loosen your confidence
c. They are the same mental state a CAT is when she closes her eyes and drinks the milk thinking that no one is looking at her.... making blamers think that they can just throw shit on you without getting hands dirty..
d. They are wanting to provoke you to make the same mistake that they did ;)

So before you react to anything.... make sure that you understand what, how and where of the reactions... after all Management is not about reactions...