Thursday, 29 November 2007

When Team is about Head Counts , Quality is a Grave

I am damm very upset. If getting 10 heads can achieve deliveries Quality is going to be under a 6 ft grave PERIOD. Yes and why not Heads dont form Team's so if Team's are on paper I am sure deliverables are just outputs and not results.

In an interview I gave a while back for a Unit Head for a reputed firm I was asked by a very Sr. Manager "How much do you care about Quality?", I answered "There are 3 mistakes in my resumes that you havent identified yet". I did not mean to say that you did not see it I meant that if you are looking for a resource to work in your organisation I am not the one, But if you want a associate to work along and add value to your firm You can look for me. Also the message meant that I definately care a bit more about quality than you do ;) Not the right way but your guess is correct that I never got a call back from there.

So the objective here is that Outsourcing has changed its meaning.... Its more about $ and heads than quality and softwares. This week I luckily happened to interact with a startup CTO who thinks else, he thinks that more and more startups are looking at building things fast paced and getting it ready for the markets than making sure that its quality coded. Since I promised him not to disclose his name he made a comment that "Its not how good a developer you are, Its about how fast can you develop it". Surprising? Well more and more startups work this way now.... I recently happened to another startup that has built another social networking product and just to the woes of Software development "A Javascript alert for testing remained in the delivery saying "Beta : Step 1"

Ok its 9:30 and I have to find my way back home so that I can stay up all night ;)