Monday, 30 April 2007

Rewards : Do they Motivate?

"I am been awarded as the Employee of the Year" - Ramesh
"Oh wow.. I am sure that will bring a lot of big money to you in the coming Appraisal" - Inner Ramesh
"I guess so.. but so far nothing seems to be working" - Ramesh
"Is it.. maybe then you should look for a change?" - Inner Ramesh
"Yeah I am feeling the same..." - Ramesh

OK so before you stop reading this post let me explain This was the conversation I heard on my split way to a IT Restaurant(its always full of IT professionals) today. The reason I call Ramesh and Inner Ramesh is because Its the same guy having the conversation and How I know ?? So the lines between are been edited where I was conversing.. Yeah try and read betwene lines now ;)

OK so do you really think awards motivate you? Long back I heard from a developer that we are not been awarded.. He really meant that his work was not fully appreciated... It really took time for me to understand on what he means by Appreciation.. mainly because it wasnt clear on what does appreciation mean for him... I felt the following things mean appreciation to him:
1. Monetory benefit
2. More Quality work
3. Public Appreciation
4. Hike in role
5. More responsibilities
6. More involvement

Later when the same guy was awarded with different awards.. his expectations changed.. he expected that the rewards he had been getting are going to earn him a big big appraisal, finally when the D-Day came in it was not to his satisfaction. I realised what is wrong here and I can really tell to some extent how Awards can De Motivate you:

1. Award = Money = P.A Growth = P.M Hike = Immediate change in the Salary, that is the general understanding of the average developer I feel here. You dont get a new Pay Slip with this award you get De-Motivated.

2. Award if its a temporary monetory benefit: I remember in my previous organisation I heard Maruf getting rewarded with a 20K for been the employee of the quarter.. it just took a few days to take that off from his mind and he was back to the routine again.. meaning the pressure is back and it hurts, "So what a Big Deal if they re-payed me for my hard work and anyways its Taxable". De-Motivating?

3. Award if its more Quality work : I realised that when handling the experienced Team... more quality work is considered to be as more responsibility but not more pay raise... eventually Award converts to be a De-Motivator.

4. Public Appreciation: It can motivate a few not all... specially people like Albert not sure if he is updating his profile. I remember when he was awarded in front of the 200+ crowd including employess and families, it just took a day for him to call the award a Bull Shit, Reason? that's my Duty. The second level of people want to get recognized in public If they dont get that every time they get disappointed and of course De-Motivated

5. Hike in Role : An Award drive you to think that with this award you ar bound to be the new Lead, manager, CTO, CEO or what not... wondering with the awards one receive in a lifetime in an IT company he should become the PM of the Universe ;) considering one role change with every award;)

6. More Responsibilities : These people resemble the one above, they might or might not love the work but they want more responsibilities. If more responisbilities come in its good or the Award was just a raddish.

7. More involvement in everything ;) You cant give me? I am upset.

Well this is not all... I really see more than these reaosns where Awards can De-Motivate.. eventually I feel that the Awards are seen very closely tied up with Monetory Benefits... Be it temporary or long term... I think it needs an innovation in awarding the Team individuals..

Next way to move forward - > What should an Ideal award be Like ;)

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Leaders are honest

With Regards to my earlier Post on Leader's or Manager's I thought I would also introduce you to something called as true values for the Ultimate Leaders...

Yesterday's Interview with Pranab was one such experience where you identify how true leaders think.... when asked about why he does not want to be a People Manager his answer was "I can't show the Path to my collegues which does not exists" which means that "I can't lie them about their growth prospects when I dont know much about it".... This is where you see leadership quality... I felt nice when I heard this honest statement...

True Leaders dont want to show Mirage to the Team or rather give false or faulty assurances... this is the last thing they would want to do... I have seen Managers who make false promises just to get the work done or to manage the time... they just cant be Leaders.... they can satisfy one or some but cannot be an Ideal role model...

Leaders need to Honest... they need to show the way that can be achieved and they need to know what it will be like ahead.... You Dont know You shut your mouth and look for answers is the right attitude...

Hope we generate more leaders and leaders with right attitude in this industry...

Sameer Shaikh

Monday, 9 April 2007

Going Digital

Finally I found the resource who will convert my first 100 pages to a digital form... I mean convert my book to a ebook by End of April or Mid of May.... this resource is a girl who just finished her 10th Grade exams and will be free for the next 2 months ... ofcourse her Mom and Dad promised that they will review the Book as well ;)

I should have thought this earlier ;)

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Enthusiasm at Work?

I was reading through a document that we use as a Template to set the KRA's for every member of the Team... one of the points this template carries is "Entusiasm at Work" unfortunately after so many reviews and revivals there is still lot of confusion in minds... I thought I would really define what it means when you say "Enthusiasm"

For me Enthusiasm at Work means:

1. Finishing the work in given time rather than being on time at work..
2. Calling in to say that "I want to come to work today because I like to work here" and not calling in to say "I will be late since I am not well but I will be in office today" ;)
3. Enjoying what you do and letting others enjoy what you do.. not letting others do things just to enjoy it.
4. Creating Humour rather than cracking jokes
5. Listening others rather than doing all the talks
6. Lifting the SHIT than distributing Sweets.. (Martin that's for you ;))
7. Sometimes sitting idle and quite and watch others... than quitely watching others sit idle
8. Sharing the experience for others to learn than letting others share their experiences only
9. Running around the office just to breathe the fun than going around to keep an eye on others.
10. walking to the desks than sending emails or chat msgs.

All but a few can be put up here.... since I am blogging right in the heart of peek work hours...

Keep bruising....

Values and Goodwill

"30-40% of the Reason why I joined the Company was because of Vipin" said Savio..
"And why is that?" : Me
"He told me about about the people and organisation and the values of the people working here... and it wasnt difficult to make a decission, specially when you know that a Security Guard who is on Contracted work is so happy the Employess must really be Happy too... and the organisation really has something in it.. " says Savio...

I am sure when the values are clear and the principles been set, the Goodwill and Success is just the next automated step... I am Glad that I am getting to work with a Team who has a great Value and leaderistic principles...

Sameer Shaikh