Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Time to Retrospect?

Its time to Retrospect... Yes. After my June 6 post over my Misery of blogging.. I tried retrospecting the blog for the last few days and here is a brief version of what I thought....

1. Write atleast 100 Quality posts.
I completely failed here... Think the simple reason is my bad timing with blogging all over.

2. Earn atleast 10 Guest posts
Failed badly. I got in touch with some bloggy biggies but could not get them write on a highlight post topic yet. The plan is to better up this time.

3. Enable the comment postings so that a wide audience can put up their views (atleast 100 comments , 1 per post).
Enabled, however because of lack of publicising the blog it went un-noticed.

4. Earn atleast 10$ from this blog.
Earned 2$. Not good but I am happy 6 months 2 dollars not bad.

5. Get 5 Blogs on My Roll
I Suck here. This is just something I am lazy with.

6. Get Listed on atleast 5 Blog Rolls
Bad Blog Management. Still to be my priority.

7. Breakup the Posts in terms of topics (Dont you think these just comes randomly?)

Ufff.... missed this completely.

So finally the retrospective has a clear NO EFFORT SPENT remark. I definitely need to carry on with this for the first quarter.