Sunday, 13 January 2008

This is not my job!!!

Oops... yet again. This is something that pinched and inches me deep... Why do people define what they have to do and what they dont have to? Ideally speaking this is not an attitude its a mentality that creates a huge drift in making better workplaces suck ;). Today I was surprised to hear this from the leader (Bet another toxic one) when he/she said that its not my job to get employees together... honestly been a employee representative how could you say that?

After this note going back to the basics of my nature I thought I would gather my thoughts on what they actually mean when they say "This is not my Job"

This is what the crude form of team members think

1. There is someone who can do this, and he is supposed to do it.. so why should I even bother to look at it.

2. Oops another responsibility and that too without enough compensation?

3. The last time I did something of this sort they did not even bother to Thank or appreciate my effort.

4. I think its a waste

The toxic form of members who are also smart A** think

1. No authorities , No responsibilities.

2. Why should I do something that someone else is going to get credit for?

3. Where the hell does this come from... I am paid for what I am supposed to do and this is what I am not paid for.. Am I?

4. Will my failure doing this job affect my performnace elsewhere?

Now come the fine group of tremendously talented teamies who just dont want to do it

1. This is not the right way to do it

2. I dont think this can be ever done.

3. Do you think I am smart enough to do this?

4. I could have done had I had time available from my existing bullshit.

So next time when someone says that this is not my Job slice him vertical into one of the 3 categories and then you will know what he actually means ;)