Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Atheist, The Agnostic and the Theist!!!

Well I don't go into the depths and definitions of the title... but when it comes to GOD some of these are always discussed... and while we work for the IT world of Software Services where Customer is the GOD... I thought I would bring the point on why the various splits in beliefs are done... For a simple reason the Atheist do not believe in God, The agnostic believe that it is impossible to know if God exists and the Theist believe in God completely.... Now when I get back to my normal work and routine I see our Customer to be as God, The process we follow as rituals, The delivery we made as prayers and finally the blessings as our Feedback... so whose the Atheist, Agnostic and the Theist amongst us?

Well as far as Project roles are concerned I find that the Techies are usually the atheists... for a simple reason you will hear a lot of times from them that THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE , IT CAN BE DONE BUT THE TECHNOLOGY IS A PROBLEM HERE and several other excuses no?

There is a group involved in the cycles called QA who are completely agnostic... they believe that they can make the God happy but dont know how, they know what they have to test but dont know how.. so many other things that really get them in this category....

The third is the Theist... which is the Project Manager and the group above him in form of Stake holders from the delivery side... who ONLY believes that Customer is GOD and we should make him happy...

O Wow what a definition of Project roles... now lets get to reality brothers... The Theists of the Projects are the Technies , the QA , the Project Managers and the Business Analysts or to that matter everyone involved in a project only if they believe that The GOD (Customer) can be made happy (delivered with quality and possibly in time) if the entire team believe in the daily rituals (processes defined for the project) and prayers (frequent communication channels) with the help of a priest (A Customer representative involved in every single part of the project), and this is not all... care been taken by every one that required offerings are made from time to time to the GOD (Offerings of Quality code, reviews, updates, re-plan , refactoring and technical rebinds) and the sins(Retrospectives) be accepted to make the life easier for everyone. Confessions(necessary updates be given to the client way in advance about the progress really made) be made and subsequent actions be taken....

Remember with God you cannot manage perception ;) and with Customer some point he will know the truth....

Anyways to me the Theists of the system are :

1. Those who believe yes it can be done
2. Those who believe that following and evolving processes will help them achieve it.
3. Those who believe that fooling anyone is not going to help but just been honest will ease the way
4. Those who believe that creativity will help the God progress in life
5. Those who believe that work done is what should be said as work done
6. Those who believe that Quality in work is going to make things better for future
7. Those who believe Technology will help solve problems, NOT create problems.
8. Those who believe that if you have focus even jingles and bangles cannot break your concentration
9. Those who believe the word impossible is just the beginning of making things possible.
10. Those who value principles and have principles to have values.

Do you think you are the Theists who can make GOD happy by actually delivering?