Monday, 14 April 2008

The KRAzzy effect

Yes... Another movie that was mis managed... I happened to by chance watch this Movie KRAZZY 4 that just got released over the weekend starring 4 of the silver comedian of the Bollywood eventually.. there was a big co-incidence in the words that made the movie name and words that would help me in the next year (if at all....) and the words sound pretty similar.... KRAZZY 4 I read it KRAZZY FOR.... KRA my Key Results Area are making me ZZZZZZYYYYY (Yes you are right making me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).... and eventually the movie did the same thing to me...

For some reason I have always been sure that the moment you set goals for yourself you tend not to surpass them... however some PUNDITS say that if you dont have goals you cannot reach anywhere....but do setting the KRA's in a tool actually help you pass a goal? Well the answer is no at least to me for some reason... Though I believe that KRA's are as much important in a profession as important his salary is... how many of us vigilently and knowingly work towards our KRA?
No One?
Are you here still?

Yes the answer is people who move towards acheiving the KRA's are really working ONLY towards the KRA's do you think by any chance they will get to achieve something that is not the KRA? To give you an example.... One of my KRA as a Project Manager is Better communication... ufff its a Jargon isnt it? Communication with Client, Team, Management, Process, Tools blah blah .... Now if I simply focus on this do you think I can be innovative in managing the C of the communication? Well if your answer is NO then I have these reasons why I feel No too....

1. My Goal would be to have better communication not communicating better.
2. My goal would be to update clients not involve them
3. My goal would be to comminicate well with the Team... not let the Team communicate well within themselves..
4. My Objective would be to Stream line tools and modes of communication... not find better way of interacting..

The other side of the story is many of us today have KRA's related to our Appraisals and not really to our personal growth's... No? You wont find many whose KRA's are adding value to what they are outside office...debatable that many would disagree here, but thats the sheer truth.... My weakness is I am not managing my time effectively.. now if my KRA states that I need to effectively manage my time across Teams and Projects and Meetings how do you think it will help me grow personally? I dont agree that if I am managing my time well in the office I can manage my time everywhere else.... Logically it should happen .... but there is a big difference in should and Does... for example... if I effectively Manage my 9 hours in office and work for 9-5 do you think I can manage my time well everywhere? the answer is NO.... Managing time effectively will lead me to score negative on managing perceptions that I am a hard worker ;)... just kidding but isnt that the truth? and even if I am working 9-5 how do I beat the traffic? Ideally my KRA should be to manager Traffic well and then I can manage my time welll ;)

Anyways.... so its a week for me to set my goals and I am just going to play around with the KRA's starting tomorrow.... lets see what I come up with and will be good to discuss the KRA's I set for myself here so that you can add some spice to them...