Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Middle Management blocks Blogs, Wikis and such tools... How true

I came across this blog recently and found the statement "Middle Management block the use of blogs, wikis, syndications..." The first statement that read my mind was HOW TRUE.. and why not, I have seen it until very recent.

We recently in our project teams wanted to drive a revolution of using:
1. Wiki for Project documentation
2. XPlanner for Project Management
3. JIRA for Bug Tracking and time scehduling

Eventually not many understand and want to promote the usage of it... why?

1. They are not comfortable with the tools.
2. They are not sure how the tools fit into the process.
3. They are not really thinking on how a tool can make it work for them.

I see some more of the issues....

1. They are not ready to accept the tools that can accelerate Team collaborations.
2. They are not sure on how they can use the Tool.
3. They feel that the tool is a burden if they have to work with it every day.
4. They dont get what is called as readymade data to present to the Management (Heard of a word called Metrics?)
5. They are not sure what team collaboration means.
6. They understand the tool and its usage WRONG.
7. They think that there is a lot of investment in making this tool work for the Team.

A few of the common excuses we get from the Middle Management in implemnting such tools are:

1. It doesnt provide me the metrics.
2. Think we need to evaluate another better tool, can someone take up the investigation on this please?
3. It is a over load of tasks for the Team.
4. We dont have time to train the Team (Remember my earlier post on Highest priority?)
5. We have some other tool coming up and that can do better than this.
6. It will take long before we can roll this out.
7. No one uses it.
8. No one has time to use it.
9. They dont like the way it is now, we need to evolve.
10. There is no easy way to access this information....

Now can you find a way for these lousy bums and can somebody explain them that it will work only if they wish to make it work?