Monday, 9 June 2008

Whats your highest priority?

I hear this very often....
1. I always wanted to do this, but never got time
2. This is what I wanted to do but never got enough support on it
3. We wanted to document it but never got chance
4. This is on a roadmap
5. We intend to do this but not now

While I review there maybe thousand valid reasons for all the so called excuses we give for not implementing things... I see one clear reason for the excuses above....


Dont you agree? If there is something you want to do and think you can stay without doing it it definitely means that IT IS NOT ON THE TOP OF YOUR GTD and this is where a lot of us get drowned. I asked a fellow lead on why we dont have any code review process for marshalling the development code? The answer was "We dont have time!" Well if we dont have time to review our own code I am sure we dont have time to write it too????

The fact that for anything we say that I want to but I cant means that it doesnt hurt me if I dont do this... and the same attitude has really got us dip the quality of Softwares we develop..... No wonder we hear these very often:

1. Code reviews???? We can do that later... what is more important now Delivery or Qaulity?

2. Qualitative and Incremental QA???? Gosh, No Jargons please... We are been asked to sign of ASAP, and our performance depends on it.

3. We will refactor it later... thre is too much of time to do this later.

This time I made up my minds... every time I hear or Speak things that hinder the quality process I call "BULLSHIT"..... Now you know why my dictionary only has this word?