Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New Ideas!!!

I always wanted to build a service (You are right Not a product but a service) simple reason being that product will just have users a service will have various actors along with users... actors like support systems, usability, accessibility and of course above all a User to use it...

A not so good night of sleep has being always being very positive for me... a few years ago I could get a blog trafficking tool created and yesterday a Idea has hit me.. Today considering the usage of Facebook and Twitter and several other tools , products and services people and companies are all over.. all over the world, universe and of course the internet cloud..

Given a thought when a employee does a job hunt he looks for reference, when a employer hires he looks for references (nowadays over internet), when a customer buys a product he looks for references, when a product owner want to sell his product he needs leads and references ... all of these things have one thing in common References... What if there is a service to do this reference search..

Now believe me this is not a search engine.. but this is a search capability with a human intelligence.. the idea is pure in its form now and I am sure if picked up well can be used to really generate some good outcome...

Here is how it should modal out:

Step 1

Person registers (Necessary as else You cannot be rich, registered user will help you sell the product to google in billions)

User does a search on product, service or person finds a list of information (of course from internet and various search engines) this information is categorized as Feedbacks, support elements, rants etc etc ... you can throw in your ideas out here...

Various filters based on relevant text provided to ensure appropriate information can be fetched out..

Step 2

User can write references for products , services ... but not as in other sites like or blah blah... but refering to one of the categorize... every search done on a entity and every feedback added goes in to the system and links to the user, every user logs in can refer to what type of searches X product , services did..

Link this to the commercials (Product companies may want to know the current trends) drill it with various trending software tools and that should help getting huge set of relevant information

Step 3

Add more commercials to it... A timely reference and internet check for a product, service and person to be done in a report form with all required keywords..., trends, etc..Now since the idea is just in words it may not sound very great to everyone.. but if put in a pictorial representation I am sure it will hit the brain in the right spot, ... a Business Modal will mean a Bulls Eye and a Jack Pot if put to actual implementation....

Any takers?