Friday, 17 April 2009

What makes us .... Actually Us?

Long time I thought I havent visited the blog... call it my neglegence or my fascination towards Indian politics.. I am being pushed farther and farther into blogging about Indian Political scenario and the elections that are due in the coming few days... However lessons learnt in the past few days still deserve to be written and I would not want to let this lesson off...

While we are seeking a fresh new Team getting built on the other side of the ocean I am trying to get myself organised along with the Team we have here to ensure that we contribute not only to the product but also to the Industry(We ought to begin by sharing our view , analysis and proof of concept done on evaluating web frameworks around the tech world... Hope this evaluation would form a basis for others to make a best decission)...

Anyways.. time to put the lessons learnt... what makes You and Me together as Us?

Here is what we envision....

1. We want to see the view from sky , however work on the ground
2. We know that what we do is important and every piece we do adds to that importance leaps and bounds
3. We mean what we say and we say what we mean
4. We like to challenge and Be challenged
5. We like to seek and give attention to minute of the details that form our deliverables
6. We keep our ego at home
7. We like to collaborate
8. We know that the ROI from a Team will only be followed by an investment in Team.
9. We know that every Team member is important to us
10. We are innovative and innovation is the oxygen on which we breath
11. We know how to deliver
12. We know what is enthusiasm and we like to spread it across
13. We love what we do and would want to do it more.
14. We spread joy and fun
15. We think we can bring a revolution in the technology world

Now thats what makes us Actually Us... So if you think you enjoyed reading this.. and want to be a part of Us... why not share hands .... We are looking for people with experience in Java and J2EE Technologies, QA and UI Design... if you think your attitude matches the post and if you are in the United Kingdom dont hesitate to email me :