Thursday, 12 August 2010

And you become a Project Manager!!!

One stormy windy night, when lightening strikes the roof, you are deep in sleep with a dream that takes you to a deathly hallow... sound of serendipity all over your ears, voices of shallow deaths all over the world.. a dark cloud starts covering the world and with a bang there strikes a lightening right at your left foot... gives you the power of a Knight and makes you take the oath as a Templar.. there with a bang the time stops... and there


Well not really... its not that dramatic, nor that simpler to be a Project Manager... but then how does one really become a Project Manager?

1. You take your vision to the next level and give every project participant a feel of ownership of the project.
2. You tell them what, when and how of the future of the project is going to be.
3. You communicate effectively and timely.
4. You communicate to your team and alert them when they are going to make a mistake.
5. You stop them to think, You kick start them to march
6. You share the same page with every one on the project
7. You make them believe that it is achievable
8. You make them execute in the way it is most beneficial
9. You think every moment of time that 1 line of code you would want to write
10.You start staying over night to plan tasks for others for the next day.
11. Your list of TODO is always bigger than the size of your monitors
12. Your mailbox is full of unread emails
13. Your calendar buzzes you every 2 hrs about a meeting that starts in 15 minutes
14. You buy gadgets to ease your job, You dont use it because they are an effort to setup.
15. You think of Orange , Green and Red all the time
16. You start your day early and you end it late.
17. Weekend is a extra day you get to complete the pending tasks
18. You are always busy, when it comes to friends and family
19. Until the moment of failure, you believe you will succeed
20. You drink coffee like water, and water like coffee
21. You think Lunch hour is the best hour to send the pending email responses.
22. You think meetings are a waste, when they dont expedite the project
23. You always feel you are short of resources
24. You think you need to know what's involved and what's not involved in the project.
25. You started to like this word DONE.

If you see the above few symptoms in you, You bet you are turning to be ONE HELL of a Project Manager.... but wait.... remind yourself of those things that takes you away from been a Project manager....

1. You hold a weekly status update with the Team and next day you fire a email to check status of your Team
2. You call in , walk to , or chat with one of your team members 5 minutes to 5 about something very critical that you told him/her that you wanted to discuss in the morning
3. You schedule multiple meetings with your Team members who are on tight deadlines. Just to ask same questions.
4. You cannot make a decision and you think that pushing the decision on others court will get you away from it.
5. You want your Team to think out of the box and code and develop fast, even if requirements are not defined or present.
6. You think every one is wasting their time, and everything was supposed to be completed yesterday.
7. The only thing you want to hear is "It is Done"
8. When one person in your Team quits, you think the task can be handled by the person next in the alphabetical order
9. You like to change the resources, scope, budget but not the time
10. Quality means BUG FREE to you
11. You have a meeting with Project Teams, just so that you can summarize in black and white on what you want them to do.
12. You look and ask for only those options that you know are not feasible
13. You assign someone 2 tasks at the same time 1 with highest priority and then check on the other task every day
14. You think you are the one working hard than anyone else.
15. You switch on teams tasks depending on the angry emails you receive
16. You compare the planned date Vs the Actual date

If any of the above symptoms are nearing you, You need to get into a meditation mode and think of Project Nirvana... because these things are just going to turn your project into a miserable experience....