Monday, 6 September 2010

India Enterprise

Vivek Wadhwa's article on Techcrunch shows the growing entrepreneurship in India and I just cant agree more... India Inc is growing, and this is not just in the field of Information Technology and Entrepreneurship but various other streams... A change is midway and this change is really very very significant and of course overwhelming... This also reminded me of Sunil Khaire a dear friend and I believe one of the regulars at my blog, who sent me an email that was a snippet of the blogpost written by the famous Bollywood / Hollywood director Shekhar Kapur.. labelled A Blackberry Addict. It shows Enterprise India all over... start your day and have a quick interaction with the milkman and end your day driving back to home through the security gates of your neighborhood. India is automated many places, moreover the attitude of India at grass root level is turning highly enterprise...

3 events happened in the last few days and I can just tell you that the effect is not just at building new products and technology ... but at a granular level.. and the contribution to India Enterprise is coming from many sections of society.

Event 1 :
Morning 03:00 AM.. drizzles outside, everyone at home fast asleep.. my phone kept on silent mode, lucky enough kept very close to a steel glass starts vibrating and the effect been a bit high wakes me up.
I pick the phone "Heeeeelllllo"..
from the other end "Sameer, I am very sorry I have to call you now" - A friend from my school time
"No problem, what's up?" - Me
My Friend : "You wont believe this, I am very near to your place and am stuck on the road, I was planning to drive out of city for some personal work, and this car has just given up"
Me : "Alright, where are you I am coming, maybe I will find someone garage mechanic to see if he can help"
My Friend : "Dont worry, Just come along, I called XXXX CS, The mechanic was here and they said it needs the car in the workshop and it wont fix now. And anyways 3 AM its not going to happen. I will push my travel back, you just pick us and drop us home"
Me : "OK"

On my way to pick him up, I knock the doors of a scooter garage, this 19 yr old kid has been amazing, he had got me fix my flat tyres 3-4 times, he had fixed our 2 wheeler almost 8-10 times, he is reasonable and he seems to know the nerves of the engine welll....

We 2 reach the destination, I get this guy look at the car, inspite of resistance from my friend. He checks the car, tries to give a kick start, does a external ignition.. no luck. My friend who is in a bad mood.. says.. get us home, let the car be here... bit worried about leaving the car on a highway with the mechanic from the Car company, who said he will tow it. In the meantime.. this guy opens the bonnet, lets the oil pipe go loose, drops a few drops of oil on the road. Pulls the oil vein back to the source and asks my friend to try the ignition...

Booooooooooooooooom... The car starts. Cant tell you how happy I was, it just saved me a 20 mile drive 2 ways in the early morning hours.

My friend asks him : "How did you do this?, the Car company could not fix it and they were going to tow it to the workshop for some serious work"
This guy replies "Next time when you are filling oil, make sure you shake the vehicle for a while"
Me "What?"
Him "Yes, every time the petrol pump guys put the nossel in, they get some air in the fuel tank, this air accumulates and with it reaches the point where it is just about to enter the engine, it creates a vacuum and then you have such trouble"
Me "Are you sure"
Him "Yes"
My Friend "This is not given in any manual's... will this vehicle be up and running"
He : "If they knew this, we guys would have died hungry"

Amazing, a few million worth car, who has a trained engineer could not get this fixed as opposed to the 19 yr old school drop out, who shows how much he knows about the core of the system.

Event 2 :
A couple of our product Managers were in the city for having critical discussions, as usual we order a working lunch for 3 days, but this day we get late in discussions forgetting to order... we decide to go order some wraps, as they could be quick... Elite trigger in mind.... Fasoos a tasty wrap joint that has bunch of branches in the city... and I know that they have something called Tweet2Order.. I tweet them my order and 25 minutes a delivery right at office with some awesome food. 1 week ago a friend used there on the wheel delivery and he get some delicious food delivered to the Railway station as he missed lunch before traveling and he could get some real food in the Train instead of waiting for a station to get down and pick up some food... Isn't this amazing?

Event 3 :
As a weekend gateway, Family decides to take a drive to a one day trip to a beach. Early morning we get on the roads, kids holding there Nintendo DS to keep them entertained. 10 miles on the highway, the gadget gets off... we think its the charger.. so we pull up a converter so the gadget get's charged... 30 miles kids start screaming... now we need to look at something that will help us get that gadget working or atleast find a way to convince the kids that it wont be available any soon. We stop at a electrical shop to check if they have a replacement battery. A man in his late 40's attends me.
Me : You think you have a Nintendo battery?
Him : No, I don't think we have this
Me : OK.. do you know anything that I can get around.
Him : Not in this town or any nearby place.. you have to go back to Pune.
Me : OK... Thanks.
Him : Show me, let me take a look if I can get this working.
Me : No its OK. its expensive and I have got it from US. I dont want it to be damaged. I will find a way to get it fixed.
Him : Don't worry Sir.. It wont be bad
Me : OK..

I hand him the device. He opens it, takes a soldering machine, does some checks, pulls a string or 2.. Meanwhile I ask him a few question and learn that the guy has not even finished his 2nd grade of studies, he could not even read or understand the instructions given on the device... eventually except the local language he could not even speak anything. He focus while I blankly look at him... 30 minutes , he adds a attachment like looking device which looks like to me as a bunch of alkaline batteries. Booooom it switches on. He charges me 200 bucks, 50 as his consulting fees, 150 as the cost of device. He tells me that I should use a converter from X to Y volts only as the device is meant for a low voltage and in India the plugs give more volts. Hmmm.. I think of the Wii, Xbox, Blackberry, Playstation 3 of which had been purchased in the UK or US. Did the guy just saved me a couple of thousands and ofcourse the effort to search for a service center? moreover the potential stress....

Isnt India Enterprise growing in all sectors? We have more knowledge about the Technology and this knowledge is effectively put to work. Isnt this a sign of growth.. maybe near future will see many innovations that would come out of this knowledge and service control. This is simply amazing... India is on its way.... The RIGHT WAY

P.S : The post was drafted in September, but edited with a few more additions that happened across October..