Thursday, 3 March 2011

Life of a Product - Where is the Quality

From the books of a Product...

I asked my developer to give me quality,
He wrote me a piece of code that raised my anxiety,
when I said this is not working as desired,
He said its just how the requirement was defined.. badly

I asked my QA to give me quality
He gave me a document that describes the resource scarcity
I asked on whether things work as desired,
He said it is in state of humility

I asked my Project Manager to give me quality
He gave me a list in the name of formality
I asked if that is how it was desired to work
He said it lacks a bit of stability

I asked my Product owner to give me Quality
He gave me a SRS that talks customer suitability
I asked if this is what the customer wants
He said We can change it later and totally....

A humble me, now walks the roads of feedback
Some people disown me, under the name of ability
A rejected I bounce back with features
The Sales claim its a product infidelity.....

Now I know what I am all together...
For some I am passion for others I am mortality
Where I work I am loaded with Money...
else I just come addon to other products as Charity...

--- A Poor Product