Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I had a 15 minute debate today with a very good friend. While I started this blog, I had just finished the conversation and while I finish this blog I have decided to give him a call and tell him DONT THINK OF AGILE..To give a bit of a background to this... I received this call just 30 minutes ago where a friend banged greetings and then asked "Is this Agile any good?".. A few questions and I was sure that Agile is not working for him... Going over those thoughts and discussions I really feel pity when people without understanding the need, necessity and requirement of Agility rule out the benefits, perks and values of Agility. I have no hesitation in saying that Agile is not just about a process... I think Agile is more than a attitude... And if you want to find and enjoy benefits of Agile.. you need to be prepared to learn, invest and work on Agile Teams.

So what are those things that should act as a hint to you.. so you can make this decision to say NO TO AGILE? As a manager, lead, stakeholder, product Boss or CEO.. you definitely need to understand when and where you SHOULD NOT do Agile...

1. When your Sr. Management thinks every feature has a fixed number of developer days.
2. When your Organization thinks that a product is just fully ready as a requirement document or mockup is
3. When any of the following do not understand what Agile is CEO, CTO, Product Manager, Development Lead
4. When any one in your team thinks Agile is ONLY for co-located teams
5. When anyone in your team thinks Agile means no due date
6. When anyone in your team thinks Agile is a PROCESS and it should be strictly followed
7. When anyone in your team thinks PROCESSES and reports make products and Agile is just another one
8. When your Product owner does not know how to progress with the product
9. When your product team thinks that the feature can evolve as the development proceeds
10. When your product team does not document clearly on what they need from development
11. When your development think that Agile is for extended development time
12. When your developers value completion of feature more than quality of the product
13. When your development is only about coding once and re-visiting back only when needed.
14. When Agile is just not going down your throat.. and you are making decisions in your team.
15. When Agility is only for a brand new product development
16. When Agile is a way to hide your incompetence and quality issues

I asked my friend to revaluate WHY Agile.. and then decide to do Agile or not... Do you think it is a right suggestion?