Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Want to learn Agile? Get to the source code

If you are confused with the title No I am not kidding here, and if you are making fun of my knowledge about Agile there are not many better ways of knowing what Agile is than watching this smart movie "Source code". My last weekend was busy, tied with flock, lot of work , shopping and busty busy release. Hence I picked time on Monday night (Yup a school night) and watched the Duncan Jones directed "The Source Code". If you are in India then the stars are not so known lead by Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince of Persia) and supported by Michelle Monaghan (Made of Honour) and Jeffery Wright (The CIA guy who funds James bond in Casino Royale when he is loosing the poker game).

To cut the story and theme you a bit about what kind of learning's on Agile you get with the movie.. the story revolves around a guy Col. Stevens who sees himself alive in a capsule lead by Dr. Rutledge (Jeffery Wright) and Col. Goodwin (Vera Farmiga). There is a system named source code that gets Stevens to life and is planted in a body of a teacher who is travelling with his girlfriend in a Chicago train ONLY for 8 minutes. Source code lets people go in past to find things out [not change them]. The objective of the mission is to get Stevens into the train and find out the person who bombed the train and what are his next targets.

The story moves on Stevens several attempts of 8 minutes on how each time he goes and finds a different clue to find out the next target and find his own identity. Watching the movie was pleasant as flavours of Inception took the movie to a supper height while there was no confusion left in the movie due to fantastic writing. Every 8 minutes spent by Stevens in the train improvises his actions and in turn the result. Just like Agile.. every iteration give you ability to learn from your mistakes, let you improve, help you improvise and of course definitely improve the quality of results...

Unlike in source code where you cannot change the past, Agility allows you to revisit your code and refactor it. Agile is the theme behind source code... though I would keep the climax and rest of the details of the movie hid to let you see it and experience it.. I have to say that Agility is all over... Its one thing that can help you do things better and better.

Design Agile...
Build Agile
Review Agile
Sell Agile

Earn Agile ;) ... I think you should watch Source code if you want to know better on what Agile is...