Monday, 4 February 2008

TechShepherds is a NO NO!!!

My New Venture is starting to trouble me even before it started... the first thing that went wrong was my decission to bring in the change to the Business Model ;) and now my decission to bring up a name for the business that will help me accelerate the organisation and venture. Yes it was in my mind since long on not to anymore continue with TechShepherds however at this point my thoughts turn concrete as finally the name matters.... though my Ryze Page says "Whats in the name". I think there is a lot in the name atleast when it comes to business ;)

Here is why I feel TechShepherds is a NO NO to my Business name:

1. It does not say what the business is doing... I mean its clear that its not a technology company all together.

2. It does not trigger attraction to my customers... of course it does not. The name does not carry a simplicity buzz that can help me attract business clients.

3. The domain is no more with me.

4. The name drives only technocrats and not business crabs ;)

5. It does not go with the buzz around like names Yahoo, Squidoo, Bebo, meebo.

6. I really believe that in the world only 2 things sell well Sex and Shahrukh Khan and TechShepherds is not one of them, it defines a wague term and hence doesnt kickstart.

7. It doesnt make much sense to say "TechShepherds Software I am Sameer how may I help you?" specially cause I need supporting names like Software, Technologies, Solutions, Associates etc to give a weight to the name...

And now with all of these things rotating around in my mind I am just waiting to think the best possible name for me... here are the few things that jumped my mind:

1. MakeitWork
2. Qualitized
3. iBullShit
4. QualityQuest
5. Qyloo

Do you guys have any suggestions? Its lot of time you guys got to send your suggestions over the name at as I am known to take time before finalising names...