Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Change Begins!!!!

So finally I seek the evening to let you know that the change has begun...the first day of change was the late evening of 15th August our Independence day....So back to your question what is this change about?

I think over a few last days I learnt a few bitter lessons... and have decided to work over them and bring some passion back to life spiced with some professional joy and of course some critical changes to the modus that I operate with....

So here is the first change .....

Change # 1 Pomodoro
I always felt that over the last 2 years I never saw anyone more dis organized than myself..
1. Dis organized thoughts
2. Dis organized work method
3. Disorganized lifestyle

For those who have no insight to all the 3 lifestyles please dont worry... they are more associated to my way of working than myself on a whole... except work I am the most organized person on earth ;) Did I just say that ONLY work is my life?

OK... SO Boss I admit that though I try to be very organized I end up being not... and here is the change I promise to bring...

I tried my first Pomodoro on 16th worked very well... I tried it on last 2 days and it worked well.. I intend to try it tomorrow and I am sure it will work well... Now for those of you who think that the April fool joke would add no value ... I think it is making some difference...

What I tried today?
Between my meetings today I got availability for 4 pomodoro's .... exactly .. approximately 2 hrs... 2 Direct hours.

I decided to get my pomodoro to setup 4 tasks :

1. First : Work over the JIRA cover for the Release Map .

2. Second : Update the resource plan

I set them up across 4 pomodoros and eventually with the said focus and time I was able to get through.... Now I intend to apply a bit more of it tomorrow... let me tell you how it works ...

OOOOOOOOPPPPPS... I may have not told you what Pomodoro is .... Welll thats another change I am going to bring upon... no giving answers ;) letting you find it on your own... until this approach ruins my and your time...

If you are interested in using it or knowing more about it here is the link .... http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/