Saturday, 8 August 2009

Changing my Life - 6 Days to Go

Are you getting bald?
No I am not... I love my black hair. And though I want to get bald I think it will be only when I will not be around my kids.. who would definitely think I am a villain

Are you changing your job?
Hell No. I am very Happy doing what I am doing and I enjoy every piece of my time with a great team I work with.

Are you leaving the City/Town/Country?
Not in next 7 days. And that doesn't change my life.. just the place where I would live it ;)

Are you trying to be like Rakhi Sawant? Catching attention by making tricky statements
No not really... I want to bring this change.. so this questions is useless.. the answer to it not worth mentioning..

So what the hell is it?
Wait.... Patience.. I will reveal starting the 7th day from now.