Sunday, 23 August 2009

Kill the Looser within you!!!

Mark Suster's post on winning is amazing, inspiring and thought triggering... not only it reveals on whats and how of winning but also tells us on whens of winning... Back to the reference of winning and loosing I completely share the same view on

3. You are most vulnerable right after it has been announced that you won (I will write a separate post on this). This is the most important lesson I learned from this experience. All other lessons were sort of obvious. This one was eye-opening.

Yes... that's what I call the Looser within you, that gets activated right after you have won... Most of the people who WIN , sustain to this looser within them right after they win... My first such experience was when we started the second office in Pune for CMC's training division... My then Boss had struggled a lot (I was given a deep insight to majority of critical discussion's that happened) to change the management's decision to let him run the groups second venture. Just after we won and we started our second office in the center of the city, We lost.. The fact of keeping the existing training centre running with the one that was started new started to be very costly, Competition within the group started to make negative steps in offering lucrative trainings for existing students elsewhere and above all gave a rumour that the new centre was closing.. A couple of months and the center was closed..

It was too early for me to derive learnings from it.. the usual (Don't know what went wrong syndrome) and the I am not the one who did it wrong syndrome.. however now when I review those days back I have a feel that the Looser in you gets activated right after you have won.. A few more experiences...

1. Our Team was able to deliver a classic version of the archiving tool almost a year ago. We won, we delivered the tool in the shortest time and we could win hearts of our sales/business teams by showing them what we did. The feel of win took us back and after a year of development we really really delivered the first archive this month...The winner that was proud within us took us back and made us lazy enough to not make that small success convert into a larger one.

The looser that sits within you and is ready to take on you right when you have achieved something is the one that has the biggest potential to hurt your success and turn it into failure...Thats the lesson that the movie "Lakshya" gives us when the Army Subhedhar says that the enemy has a habit of firing back the next day after you have conquered the territory.. it is not them it is you who relax...

My 2 cents about how to kill this looser in you...

1. Have the Usain Bolt in you awaken... 9.69 is a great win and achievement, but what makes you kill the looser in you is the thrust to achieve 9.58 immediately after and what makes this warrior feeling better is to achieve another record in 200m

2. The actual race starts the moment you win. (Did I just say that we are working more hard after we had a decision on our product after a long time, Or did I tell you that we are thinking of working more harder after we achieve our first release?

3. Winning is Good, But don't make it a habit.. Its the failures that keep the winner within you awake..