Monday, 3 January 2011

The missing sense - Quality

The feature that you just delivered - if doesn't deliver a UVP is missing sense
The speech that you just gave - if doesn't motivate your audience is missing sense
The gadget that you just bought - if doesn't help you same time/money is missing sense
The post that you just wrote - if doesn't get a comment is missing sense
The video that you just posted on YouTube - if did not go viral is missing sense
The status that you put on facebook - if not liked by your friends is missing sense
The tweet that you posted - if did not get RT'ed is missing sense

If you are doing something and it is not triggering the right impact or effect.. it surely is missing the sense... The sense that everyone else calls Quality. People love quality, they simply adore quality... A simple concept that becomes Google is sense as it determines quality, a simple social networking tool that triggers a Internet revolution is sense as it shows a class, a quality.

Are you making any sense of what you are doing? Think... its time to do something that makes sense....