Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Share, Debate, Brainstorm or die

In the last few weeks Quora has really overloaded me with information. Vital piece of information on where and how internet is going, entrepreneurs, startups , technology , people and social world... An amazing tool to Share your knowledge, An amazing tool to learn.

I have being a avid blog reader... constantly reading Paul Graham, Robert Scoble, Seth Godin and many other seasoned blogger... learning a lot from them... Over these last few years of plain reading I learnt that a thought not shared is worth 2 thoughts wasted... every time I learn something I learn it once, every time I share it with someone I double my capital learning, every time I debate over it I triple my capital, every time I brainstorm it I quantipulate it...

Yes.. if you want to grow.. learn to share, learn to debate, learn to speak, learn to brainstorm, learn to find ways to increase your knowledge... just dont give up, because you think you cant win. Find a way to outlet your knowledge and in turn increase it.... else like a Dam it is going to fill and start overflowing, with a huge possibility of breaking the boulders....

Next time when there is a discussion, dont forget to jump in.
Next time when our team is debating, dont forget to value add.
Next time you see a comment on your blog, dont forget to interact.
Next time you see a tweet, dont forget to strike a conversation..
Next time you see a question of which you know the answer, dont hesitate to answer it.. whether on Quora or not

You will know only if you share it. You will grow only if you spread it. Happy Sharing....