Friday, 28 January 2011

How to turn Whining gods to Wining Gods?

"XXXX just cant do the work right"
"This office sucks hard, when will these people learn?"
"I am tired of this" blah blah...

I am sure you are hearing this... from someone and this someone is whining about something or the other.. regular workplaces have certain number of jobs reserved for some people who are always whining... we call them the whining gods.. these are the guys who have problem with everything and everyone...and you wont believe how easy it is for these gods to affect and impact and influence others... Seeeeeee.. while I just chose to talk about them, I am already one of them... whining about them...

Yes.. the workplace negativity is accelerated by the whining gods... who mutate very fast and can turn to be venoms if no handled carefully and in time. I have seen environments getting spoilt just because the whining gods control the emotions of the factors and actors in environments. So how do we handle the whining gods?

Well here are a few tips...

1. Do not agree. If you do there is a whole bunch of negativity that will float around.
2. Do not argue... I read somewhere that Arguing with an Idiot is never fun, he first gets you to his level and then beats you.
3. Do not counsel - No cheering or sympathies... that will boost the performance of the whining god
4. Do not whine with them... You are making one monster out of them then.
5. Never avoid or Ignore... If you do... they will spread the word... just spread it bad and hard.
6. Never try to solve their problems... because they have bolted there minds with the thoughts that there problems can never be solved by some smart ass.

So then how do we beat the whining gods?

If you have a whining god, consistently complaining about colleagues or bosses... just tell them.. well we heard/see that you handle him/her well, How do you do that?

If you have someone at the workplace consistently complaining about the quality of the work by people... make him incharge of it, for a while.

If someone is always complaining about the environment etc... ask them to initiate things that would improve the ENVIRONMENT.

In other words... there is no real and 1 thing fits all way to handle the whining gods.. slowly and steadily you have to beat them in different areas, beat there complexities, beat there frustrations, beat there attitudes... one step at a time...