Saturday, 19 February 2011

I want India to loose the cricket world cup 2011

The morning of 19th February.. I just took the day as it came regularly, the only difference that is it was a weekend and I was more lazy than the regular days. Like every Indian today, I was also waiting for 2:30 PM IST when India takes on Bangladesh in the inaugural match. Just that since morning I kept the Doordarshan Sports logged on to see the highlights of Swimming and Gymnastics.. (One of my friends has called up that his long relation relative won a bronze medal for Maharashtra). All through the events so much of fun and remembered the days when National games were held in Pune, and we from our school had volunteered to drive traffic in the Games township then. BTW for the last 1 week and more everything that I see on the news channels, TV shows is all about cricket and the world cup (people dont expect so much even from their kids or parents as much as they expect from the Indian team)... to a level that even the economy and corruption scams are ignored by the news channels ... The #Egypt uprising and the state of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia , Yemen where the flames of the uprising have reached are not even in the marque tags of the news channels and until you open BBC or Worlds section of Times Of India web site, you ain't going to see anything about it... (Sorry to say but a big chunk of Indians work in these countries and it affects us somehow)

Now back to Cricket as I heard that after 1983, when India won the world cup in the leadership of Sir Kapil Dev, cricket in India became the religion.. and when the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar as we call it here shoved several centuries in opponents backs.. the cricketing blood just reached all parts of the body.

Now that the world cup has begun and India is almost sure of winning the inaugural match half the nation is busy preparing to watch today, remaining half to just know what happened as they cannot watch it as they have to work or some are not in state of watching it (In hospitals, jails, out of country etc).

I also heard news where LED boards are set so people can watch the world cup at offices, hospitals , jails and other locations.. from Kids to grand pa's and grand mom's are busy thinking cricket... so much that some of them dont even know that the 34th National Games are under way and in the last week has reached the most exciting mode of it... Maharashtra (State where I live) is leading in the medals tally and some real good talent is show casing the talents. Of course this talent is going to be in action in the 2012 London Olympics and I feel pity for those talented folks out there.. who are not even been talked about, while a bunch of cricketers who could not make it to the team are also in the new lime light.

Darn.. so are we getting to be one set of looser's keeping all our hopes on 1 cricket team and ignoring those hard working, talented folks completely? The reason it upsets me so much is that there are announcements already made for Indian cricketers that if they win the world cup they are going to get those millions from the corporates which they sucked out of us as price rise, while the other sports and medal winners wait for getting basic amenities to practice for the 2012 big games.

Well if that is the case.. that our other national heroes and talents are going to be ignored.. just so that cricket can be watched .. I think India should loose.. Let the people understand that our emotions are biased and we need to balance so that we can give some level of precedence to other sports too..

TV Channels should be forced to stream news of national games and other such events ONLY in PRIME SLOTS. Cricketers selling us briefs and vests, soaps and shampoos, tooth paste and chips either should be watched as they are the one's who are shouting these days that they are playing too much of cricket... somebody tell them that they are the one's who are seen too much too on the TV and in late night social parties and page 3's.

We need to loose the 2011 world cup, once so that people realise that we have some Saina Nehwal's and Veerdhawal Khade's who can get us to International glory in other sports... they also need sponsors and promoters and fans so that they can be motivated and play for the country and achieve more.

I honestly subscribe to my view that no matter what happens in the world cup... if cricket is going to suck the blood of every Indian.. we need some blood donations to keep the other sports alive... last 6 days the national games have gone unnoticed... and I am sure talents like Khade who won 5 medals for Maharashtra and many such talents will not be talked about because people want to watch, talk and hear cricket. We need to loose this one so we are woken up before 2011 Olympic games to prepare.

P.S : When I published this on one of blog's.. I had 18 abusive comments that inspired me to write it on all possible media I use.

P.S 2 : The only reason this post is here, is that events and projects need good level of management and motivation. If you are going to split your focus not evenly balanced you gonna suck up bad.