Monday, 7 February 2011

The value of NOCOMPLAINTS diet

Yes.. for the last 4 days I am on a NOCOMPLAINTS diet.. I think a term I learnt from some comment on a blog.. the idea of the NOCOMPLAINTS diet is to regain the positivity and improvise the mental health. Of late I have learnt that the smallest complaint that you make can cause a mental block to your life, day schedules and general progress through a day. Following the famous General Motors diet that cleanses your body in 7 days and feels you a few pounds lighter, I am glad to say that I expect the NOCOMPLAINT diet to do the same for me.

Make me feel lighter and restore and clean my brain. The NOCOMPLAINT diet is a pretty simple diet spread across 5 days..

Day 1
NO COMPLAINTS about items that dont affect directly
Be it politics, world, roads, etc etc. restrain from any feedback on such items on online presense.
List down issues restrained

Day 2
List down issues restrained

Day 3
List down issues restrained

Day 4
Communicate the concerns with potential solutions.
Apologize, Suggest, Recomend without complaining

Day 5
Feel Light.

I must say that it did not go well for me for the first 2 days.. I tried as much as I could, but its never too easy. Not that I whine a lot, but in the end it was OK. Day 3 and 4 were relaxing.. a weekend, more time, listed down a few issues with certain people.. had coffee and lunch with them.. sorted out issues.. and today I feel great.. the 5th Day is fully enlightening...

Well if you have time and patience yourself... dont hesitate to try this one out... 5 days of NO COMPLAINTS.