Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What is Team work?

So much said about it... I am sure I am not adding a big deal. But a question a few days ago really kept hammering my mind that why is team work only about success? If Indian cricket team does not win a game, that doesn't mean they are lacking team work... the effort and the hard work still remains... a lot of people for some reason really don't understand what it is really meant by team work... I really don't blame for that... Our systems do not teach us team work theoretically.. we always learn it by experience... by participating in group and team events, by been collectively responsible to reach goals and success defined clearly.

I always felt soccer was the best game that exposes team work very evidently, not that other sports don't.. but if you want to defend yourself from a goal or score one, or just play the game, there is a lot of co-ordination needed.. this co-ordination really builds up a momentum within which turns into team work as a result.. Team work to me was always visible through sport and as I got into job became evident that if the organization , product , department or group has to do good, the entire set of people who are a part of it, should contribute to it, not just on what is required, but more than what is expected... When the successes and strengths of your colleagues start adding value to your own self and in turn to your group goals, that is when you see team work kicking off... when each one of the team member start contributing in equal amounts or more without keeping a count of it..is when team work blooms out.

When you do just more than what is required to help others who are working with you to achieve the same thing is Team work

When your commitment is visible by your actions Team work blooms

When you are disappointed by failures of your team mates or goals have created a peer index of team work.

When you celebrate your teams and your results success that is team work

In short... when your teams success values more for you than your own success.. it yields to team work.