Friday, 17 June 2011

How to find an angry employee

Do you have an angry employee at work? Do you know how to figure out one? Well here are the quickies to start with and with your help we can build a good list here, of course we can then use the list to figure out the reasons and also find answers and solutions to them but let's say that these symptoms don't need to be merely due to conflicts they can also be due to pure unhappiness, unwillingness to co-operate etc, but it's a good start to build one...

usually these symptoms range as :

1.Not completing work on-time
2. Gossiping about work, company, office, Boss, colleagues
3. Not responding to phone / emails / aggressive in language and tone if replied
4. Avoiding the morning wishes and day end see off to colleagues, team members, Bosses
5. Trying to find excuses on behavioral changes
6. Hoarding information that should be shared
7. Complaining , whining
8. Blaming others for their acts, sometimes openly, sometimes in groups
9. Verbal abuse
10. Not attending required meetings, popping up late
11. Uncalled expressions
12. Absenteeism
13. Physical violence

There can be many more small things but they fit into one or the other of them. The type of behaviour an angry employee pick also signifies the mode and nature of conflict/issues. So do you see any angry colleagues? How can it be reasoned out? How can it be solved? How do you turn your angry mates love you? Well a part of the series that I started at How to get loved by your Team can be used in building this solution... So what more do you see?