Thursday, 16 June 2011

Happiness quotient, you and work

I had a classic debate a day ago with one of the colleagues talking about Happiness at work. He mentioned that the happiness drivers for him or anyone are good work, good company, good money. When I asked what is replaceable, he said as often 1 of them has to be compromised... Misery eh? So being into a renowned company, earning great money bring smiles to your professional face? I am not sure.. the matrix's of these 3 can be different and have different meaning to different people.. What if you are working for Facebook or Google and doing a shitty job? What if you are working for a very small company, doing great work and earning peanuts? What if vice versa?

Well you cant link your happiness quotient to good Company or money, they are external factors really, they change. I remember when I started my career my happiness quotient always started and ended at "learning's", as long as I was learning I was happy. Things evolved and they tuned to improvise and factors affecting happiness increased..Now 3 things that drive my happiness quotient at work remain to be constant:

1. Am I working with great people
2. Am I working on challenging assignments
3. Am I contributing to the ones who are working with me.

Either of them fails, it hits this quotient,drills distorted view in my routines, creates pragmatic effect on work and professional life. My understanding with the drivers of happiness quotient is fair and simple..

1. If you are working with great people you will learn, evolve, achieve expertise.1 important thing that I have learnt working with great people is that they empower you to do critical tasks, jobs , things that you are told and not told.In other words you can grow leaps and bounds with them. Great people throw challenges at you, make you work effectively and also ensure that you are guided appropriately. Eventually it is great people that make companies good and good companies guided by great people ensure good people get paid well and are happy.

2. If you are working on challenging assignments it means that you are skilled and challenging work enhances your skills. If you are highly skilled you tend to achieve growth as it is an inherent part. Not to question challenging work will show where you stand every time you do it, as if it is a kind of reviewing your skills and potential.

3. If you are contributing to others one way or other, technically or non technically you are improvising your skills and making yourself great within(Teaching is learning again). Everyone likes to be (called) great, contribution to co-workers, mentoring and coaching demonstrates your potential leadership skills in turn exposes your greatness.

Considering these factors.. I happen to believe that extrinsic factors cannot define one's happiness at work.. it is the intrinsic element that drives your happiness. If you really want to be happy at work you need to first figure out what is it that drives your happiness? what defines your happiness quotient at work? Think over.. come back.. let us all know...